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Updated: Sep 6, 2020

"The body always expresses the spirit whose envelope it is. And for him who can see, the nude offers the richest meaning."
-- Auguste Rodin

Western art has been dealing with the human figure and the rich, complicated symbolism of the figurative nude for over three thousand years. But it has become increasingly difficult to find a safe haven for this type of art, especially if it features the photographed nude. The fine art nude in art - and particularly in photography - is adrift and homeless. It's generally misunderstood too, being either categorised as pornography or dismissed as unfashionable. It's being chased out of the fashion world. Online, it is virtually impossible to find a venue that concentrates solely on the art nude. Social media and art hosting sites are prohibiting any form of nudity, even if it has artistic merit.

This art gallery is a way of redressing the imbalance. Now you can view the works as they were intended it to be seen. Uncensored. Free.

New galleries will be added regularly.

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