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New feature: Image search

When this website was upgraded to use a database, I added a feature to search, filter and sort galleries.

I used a Wix table to show the results, which was a bit ugly, particularly on mobile platforms. Worse, tables don't play nicely with datasets. The limit property doesn't work, meaning the table initially displayed all the records in the dataset.

Instead of a table, I should have used what Wix calls a repeater, which is better integrated with the dataset functions.

That's fixed now. Using a repeater, the gallery search page loads far more swiftly, limiting itself to 10 results at a time (There's a Load More button at the bottom of the page). It looks more professional.

The updated, repeater-driven gallery search served as a template for a new image search tab on the search page. With nearly a thousand image records, performance using a table would have been too slow.

If you know the name or part of a name of an image, enter the text into the search box. Results can be sorted A-Z or in reverse.


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