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Major engineering works to mrmuliebris.com

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

The first iteration of this website was developed using Wix.com, one of various options for creating a website if you are not a programmer. Like its competitors, it has a reasonably straightforward drag and drop interface and plenty of templates.

After a year of adding about a gallery a week, by June 2020 there were over 50 pages on the site, most of them galleries of artworks. I had built them as static pages. Each gallery used a similar layout; I just made a copy each time. Wix imposes a limit of 100 pages, and advised me to consider switching to dynamic pages. Dynamic pages are template pages. You configure them with variables filled from a database. I'm no programmer but you can also add various snappy functions using a Javascript development environment. There seems to be a lively community of forum users who help answer the basic questions noobs like me ask.

Switching over means creating the dynamic pages and populating the database with the details (name, description and so on) of every gallery and image already on the site. There are over 50 pages and hundreds of images. Ouch.

It does mean that I will be able to add filtering and search options, which have been much-requested features. I should also add a portfolio page.

This all might take a little while - a couple of months, perhaps.

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