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Lingerie Special: a new gallery

Cooped up, locked down and moping about in baggy pyjamas and soft sweats? Comfortable maybe, but where's the romance? Mr.Muliebris and @lucy.artmodel are here to help! We break it down with a lingerie special that will get you in the mood and boost your confidence! Why, there's nothing to stop you pairing a romantic lace bralette with a those ratty PJs, but remember, brevity is the soul of lingerie. So, whether you're self-isolating solo or at home with a significant other, it's time for a date night just for yourself. [Note: "Brevity is the soul of lingerie." Often attributed to Dorothy Parker, the quote first appeared in Vogue, October 1916, Vogue Pattern Service, caption, 'From these foundations of the autumn wardrobe, one may learn that brevity is the soul of lingerie.']!

Then there is the Editorial Department;
The Literary Lights.
They are just a little holier than other people
Because they can write classics about
“‘Brevity is the soul of lingerie’, said this little chemise to itself”;
And “Here are five reasons for the success of the Broadway plays”.
They are all full of soul;
Someone is forever stepping on their temperaments.
They are constantly having nervous breakdowns
And going away for a few weeks.

-- 1919 May, Vanity Fair, Volume 11, Number 3, Section: Domestic Products, Our Office: A Hate Song: An Intimate Glimpse of Vanity Fair—En Famille by Dorothy Parker, Start Page 6, Quote Page 6 and 8, Conde Nast, New York.

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