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Image of the week: 12-18 April, 2021

Sad woman with face averted on red sofa dramatically in NSFW artlit by lamp
Never to be loved again

From the gallery 'To want and not to have,' which I wrote about here.

Model NYMPH (USA).

Studio: Mr.Muliebris.

Title from Samuel Beckett's translation of the poem Zone, by Guillaume Apollinaire:

...Now you walk in Paris alone among the crowd
Herd of bellowing buses hemming you about
Anguish of love parching you within
As though you were never to be loved again
If you lived in olden times you would get you to a cloister
You are ashamed when you catch yourself at a paternoster
You are your own mocker and like hellfire your laughter crackles
Golden on your life's hearth fall the sparks of your laughter
It is a picture in a dark museum hung
And sometimes you go and contemplate it long

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