Rorschach Test

Rorschach Test

"Asymmetric figures are rejected by many subjects; symmetry supplied part of the necessary artistic composition. It has a disadvantage in that it tends to make answers somewhat stereotyped. On the other hand, symmetry makes conditions the same for right and left handed subjects; furthermore, it facilitates interpretation for certain blocked subjects. Finally, symmetry makes possible the interpretation of whole scenes."

-- Rorschach. H., Psychodiagnostics; a diagnostic test based on perception : including Rorschach's paper, The application of the form interpretation test (published posthumously by Dr. Emil Oberholzer). Grune & Stratton inc, New York (1942). p15

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Model and MUA: Minh-Ly
Art director, photographer and retouching: Mr. Muliebris, New Zealand

Wellington, New Zealand


18 May 2020