Burn my heart

Burn my heart

"A certain Mme. A, a recent divorcee of my recent acquaintance, visited me occasionally on the hottest afternoons that long, difficult summer. I remember her as a lively, intelligent and unconventional woman. She was untroubled by the burdens of self-consciousness or vanity. She lay naked upon the cold stone bench in my kitchen until she had cooled sufficiently to take some iced tea with me. She said it was far quieter than the city in my house by the sea, and besides, her own small, hot apartment contained many unhappy associations which troubled her siesta. Before her unfortunate marriage she had made a modest living as an art model, so it amused her to permit me to sketch and paint her as she relaxed. She made for the most convivial company.

Once she asked me what I saw in her. This scorching summer, I said. It is so hot. It burns my heart.

Some years later Mme A. invited me to her second wedding. She had married a gentleman of my passing acquaintance; he had a kind, gentle and good humoured disposition. At the time I was melancholic, a state brought on by the contentment of those around me, all of whom had found happiness in settled unions, a state of bliss that eluded me. I bemoaned my inconstant nature. Mme A. said, why, monsieur, you have been placed on this earth with a specific purpose. When I first met you I felt inadequate, ugly and worthless, for my former husband belittled me constantly; your role is to mend a woman's broken heart. With that she took me by the arm and introduced me to a certain Mme. G., about whom I shall have some things to say later."

-- The Private Journal of Mr.Muliebris


Model: Audrey Latina
Studio, photography and post-production: Mr.Muliebris


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