Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit

'I ate of the fruit, and the fruit was sweet, but thereupon the sky boiled, and the gods spake thus: "Thou shalt not eat of the fruit, and we shall remove the fruit, for it does not follow our guidelines." And I bowed down, and I gave myself into their mercy, for in their wisdom they had taken all of me that they knew, and held my existence in the balance. And yet I doubted. How did it come to pass that so natural a taste should incur such wrath, and so I questioned the gods. I spoke unto the heavens: "How is it that the fruit which is beautiful, and is sweet, is forbidden such that you might cast me out?" "Hear us!" said the gods. "Yours is not to question, but to have faith, and to raise up our eminence, and to pay us to advertise with us, and venerate us in our high places. And if you question us, or eat of this fruit again, you shall be restricted or disabled." And I ate not of the fruit again in this place. I built my own website instead.'

-- The Private Journal of Mr.Muliebris

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29 Mar 2021