About me, written in the third person

Digital photographic artist. Male, 50s, New Zealander. Travels internationally regularly in a quest to find the perfect coffee.

Artist's statement, written by the publicist

Mr.Muliebris uses the photographic nude in surreal, symbolic and conceptual figurative art works to pose questions about art in the 21st century. Can a contemporary photographic female nude function as a legitimate work of art? Can it stand for cultural themes, such as beauty, liberation and empowerment, or does it exploit its subject? Is it a celebration of beauty, or is it cheap titillation? Can the image be about liberation and empowerment - or is it exploitation? Legitimate self-expression - or objectification? Does it demean its subject, and women in general, or can it be used to investigate universal truths? Admiration or voyeurism? Art, or the continued consumerism of the female form? If the answer is, "It depends," then on what does it depend?


What does "muliebris" mean?

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